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Obama Smartest, Most Honest
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Hagel resigns
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How to Post YouTube Video's

How does the Affordable Care Act affect you?
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Gov't Regulation Dump
Common Citizen

The Immigration Bombshell:
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Kindler to resign to get more retirement
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Hinnenkamps protesting parade for troops
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How old is really old?
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Project GunWalker
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Why would we ever fast-track the keystone pipeline
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    Gov't Regulation Dump
    Posted on: Nov. 24 2014,1:20 pm by Common Citizen

    Thanksgiving is coming in a few days and as if purposefully on schedule, the Government is releasing over 3,400 more regulations while we distract ourselves with family, friends, and food.

    Here is the LIST ...try and keep up.  :sarcasm:

    And if this isn't proof of a bloated and overbearing government, I don't know what is.  

    Once upon a time the constitution was used to keep the government in check by the people.  Now we have allowed the government to use it to keep the people in check.  Shame on us.

    ...nuff said.

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    Hagel resigns
    frustration continues in administration
    Posted on: Nov. 24 2014,12:12 pm by MADDOG

    US defence secretary Chuck Hagel resigns

    President Barack Obama confirmed his resignation and paid tribute to his "class and integrity".

    Mr Hagel, 68, a Vietnam war veteran and former Republican senator, said it had been his life's "greatest privilege".

    Last month, it was reported that he was sharply critical of the US strategy against Islamic State and in relation to the Syria regime.

    He will stay on as secretary until his successor is confirmed.

    An unnamed official told the Associated Press news agency that Mr Hagel and Mr Obama both "determined that it was time for new leadership in the Pentagon" and had been discussing the move for weeks.

    Mr Obama said Mr Hagel had come to him to discuss the "appropriate time to complete his service".

    The US president said he was "extraordinary lucky" to have Mr Hagel by his side as defence secretary and praised him for forging a strong bond with US troops.

    Mr Hagel is the first enlisted combat veteran to serve in the role.

    In a brief statement, Mr Hagel said it had been the "great privilege of my life to lead and most importantly to serve the men and women of the defence department".

    That's what happens when you disagree with Bambino.

    No matter what Don Obama says, Chuck didn't get along with the direction the king wanted.

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    Any opinions?
    Posted on: Nov. 23 2014,8:06 am by Self-Banished

    So we're waiting on the Ferguson grand jury verdict,
    What's it gonna be?

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