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Hillary Clinton is Most Admired Woman in the U.S.
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Operation LZ
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Tuna or cash
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Taco Bell
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Obama's Political Blunders for 2015
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Bernie Sanders
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schools tax increase

The Donald is the best GOP candidate ever
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318% TAX INCREASE by Mayor Vern Rasmussen Jr
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Walker protest
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What's with th fear of hobby drones, quad & planes
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The state of education
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Jimmy Carter
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Sucker Minnows
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Wild Plum Jam

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Hunt for 3 suspects in Illinois officer's death continues
Obama visit puts spotlight on rough plight in rural Alaska
China enlists monkeys to keep birds from spoiling big parade
AP PHOTOS: Chaos and quiet in 24 hours of European migration
Masson is candidate for Third Ward council seat
Baseball, wings and Ellen: Meet the Miss America hopefuls
Meservey man arrested for assault at church
Bush video takes aim at Trump
Mason City welcomes new teachers, administrators
Injured Clear Lake boater, 77, aided by passenger, officials say
Line of duty: Railroad cops have law enforcement powers with a focus on the tracks
Dogs have their day at the Mason City Aquatic Center
Documents outline 2011 investigation into Charles City sex offender, school board candidate
Chickasaw County man pleads not guilty to kidnapping
Mason City man accused of shooting gun in city limits
Masson is candidate for Third Ward council seat
Mason City offers Micich shortened contract
Council OKs part-time Blue Zones contract
Mason City welcomes new teachers, administrators
Baseball, wings and Ellen: Meet the Miss America hopefuls
Mason City man faces drug charge after disturbance call
Mason City YMCA hosts Kids Color the World party
Injured Clear Lake boater, 77, aided by passenger, officials say
Worth County 4-H hosts record book workshop
Bush video takes aim at Trump
On Iowa Politics Podcast
Daily lotteries
Lincoln Journal Star: ACA roots grow deeper
Albert R. Hunt: Trump selling deficit spending to conservatives
John M. Crisp: The southern border isn’t necessarily a fine line
Mark Lemon: Operation LZ was a 'masterful event'
AJ Warrington: Candidates should address future of USPS
Quad-City Times: GOP leaders foist phony attack
Natural Horror Story
Mason City Police investigate man's death
Meservey man arrested for assault at church
Britt man charged with felony assault
No charges for property owners where 15 dogs were found
Mason City Blue Zones has one employee, more than $250,000 in donations
Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier: Oversight of wealthy televangelists needed
Ken Block: Follow military leaders on Iran deal
Harkin pushes progressive agenda at Corn Feed
Vietnam veteran seeking comrades from old photo
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    schools tax increase
    Posted on: Sep. 03 2015,3:02 pm by mrugly

    Saw an article in the tribune about Mike funk and the district increasing our taxes for maintenance. Sounds like they can now do this without a referendum. What? Also found out that most teachers got a chromebook for their use in the classroom and in the future want one for all students. I'm thinking why do they need this when they have so many computer labs plus two ipad carts. Also am wondering how much funk gets paid.

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    Taco Bell
    Posted on: Aug. 25 2015,8:25 pm by Twiggs50

    Just found out Taco Bell is closing soon. What the hell happened?

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    Operation LZ
    Posted on: Aug. 24 2015,12:00 pm by MADDOG

    This is the upcoming weekend for a heroes' welcome finally coming.  Many of us know what kind of welcome our soldiers got when they came home from Vietnam.  They were told to burn their uniforms, told they should probably not wear they in public and certainly not talk about it.

    This weekend a group of members of the VFW posts locally here got together and decided to have a welcome home hoopla long past deserved.  Several area Legions heard about it and joined.  More and more came wanting to be part of it.

    It looks like this thing got REALLY big.  I think they are expecting (what I heard) as many as 20,000 people coming to this event.

    Operation LZ is a four (five counting the arrival of the travelling wall) day event honoring those who served.  Thursday and Friday are aimed as educational days for local areas schools .  Saturday and Sunday will feature aircraft rides, sky jumpers, air shows, music by Rockie Lynne and speakers;
    Retired Lieutenant General Dennis J. Hejlik USMC, Governor Terry Branstad, and Navy Lt. Commnander Larry Spencer ~ 7 year Hanoi Hilton Prisoner.

    Come celebrate, honor and remember.

    View on YouTube

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