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started by: 2034

Posted by 2034 on Sep. 07 2011,1:36 am
Did you read the fishwrap?
Bluezoners will be back.
Correct the problems.
Teach us again!
New bike lanes, fat smokers running the program.

Posted by 2034 on Sep. 07 2011,1:41 am
We gained 3 years of life!
Posted by hairhertz on Sep. 07 2011,4:55 am
a blue zone tune-up
oh, the joy of living in AL

Posted by hymiebravo on Sep. 07 2011,7:38 am
Posted by hymiebravo on Sep. 07 2011,7:39 am
Posted by the unc on Sep. 07 2011,11:34 am
Don't be too hasty....maybe he just has a new book that needs a little to be a reason in there somewhere.
Posted by atlantic on Sep. 08 2011,12:29 am
This is the only thing Albert Lea has going for it. Doesn't seem to be any new companies coming to town. So why not embrace what you can get. Can't have your cake and eat it too. Well unless you are the people who doesn't want the town to prosper and grow??
Posted by This is my real name on Sep. 08 2011,7:17 am
The "Blue Zone" deal is a total crock. How are restaurants like McDonald's allowed to even list themselves as being "Blue Zone Friendly" just because they have SOME healthful offerings, like salad, when most of their food is total crap?

Didn't the Blue Zone Group have a spokesperson from Trails who would promote their healthful offerings there, but also about their cholesterol-laden Paul Bunyan-sized meals (and who also promoted their electronic cigarettes)? Isn't that somewhat counterproductive when it comes to promoting health?

The label means nothing. Absolutely nothing. MOST restaurants have some healthful offerings, and did long before Blue Zones came around. Blue Zone is just a label that gets slapped on common sense - eating right and exercising.

Posted by the unc on Sep. 08 2011,11:51 am
The Blue Zone wouldn't need a revitalization if they hadn't put an end date on it in the first place.  This is Albert Lea and when we ended the original period of the project, most of the participants said "there we're done with that" and moved on with their lives.  And as atlantic said..."You can't have your carrot cake and eat it too".   Plus, it's not the restaurants that are the problem with what we's what WE choose.  I choose to agree with This Is My Real's a crock, but, without the crock what would the "in folks" in town have to do with their time.
Posted by This is my real name on Sep. 08 2011,11:57 am
I agree what we eat is up to us as well, the unc. I'm not blaming the restaurants for their offering, nor do I think they should not have less healthful items - but I do think the defnition of "Blue Zone" is a little too loose, and can't help but wonder if that was done as a "feel good" all-inclusive measure so nobody is left out.
Posted by Alfy Packer on Sep. 08 2011,2:53 pm
Making Albert Lea a "Blue Zone" community wasn't a bad idea.  Taking an aging population with not the best health and trying to improve their diet and exercise with the goal of extending and improving their quality of life is not a bad idea.  Where it goes a little crazy is with all the promotion trying to capitalize on good objectives.  I mean you have Dan Buettner who not only coined the term "Blue Zone" but is now trying to create "Blue Zone Communities" as though he is is the pide piper of health.  Then you have some city leaders who feel that through their efforts as a "Blue Zone Community", ie the "Vitality Center", they can turn the city, down on its luck, around.  Some how what started out as a good idea has taken on other objectives.  If the people get what was promoted, maybe it is a fair trade, but I can't say that I am not concerned that the other objects will come first and better health for the community will be declaired but not provided or earned.
Posted by hymiebravo on Sep. 09 2011,7:18 am
Posted by Glad I Left on Sep. 28 2017,10:54 am
Great, Blue Zones is coming to my neck of the woods...


Posted by hymiebravo on Oct. 02 2017,4:26 pm
Posted by irisheyes on Oct. 02 2017,10:20 pm

(Glad I Left @ Sep. 28 2017,10:54 am)
Great, Blue Zones is coming to my neck of the woods...

Ouch, get ready for wider side-walks, more traffic, and bike lanes that look like Kramer designed them.  
< >

Maybe they'll even invite an "expert" to complain about how gas stations are designed for cars to park in instead of pedestrians, and suggest round-abouts instead of traffic lights.   :frusty:

Posted by was1 on Oct. 03 2017,7:53 am
Round-abouts are a great alternative over traffic lights in many situation and I do not see any tie to "blue zones".  

the "blue-zone" and pedestrian/bike people that are pushing things here need to realize that this is not Europe.  Our transportation carrying system (roads) were designed and built originally for horse and buggy and then automobiles, not walking like Europe.  our entire society has been developed and brought up in an automobile driven system.  I do not see that ever changing, not sans lots of forced change to not only our road systems but also our way of thinking and life.

Posted by Self-Banished on Oct. 03 2017,9:14 am

(was1 @ Oct. 03 2017,7:53 am)
Round-abouts are a great alternative over traffic lights in many situation and I do not see any tie to "blue zones".  

Whoever brought roundabouts to this country should be shot, brought back to life, then shot again.

Posted by was1 on Oct. 03 2017,10:04 am
What's your issue with roundabouts?  

They keep traffic moving.  Are safer than traditional signalized or stop sign controlled intersections.  Far less expensive than signalized intersections to construct.  Much better at skewed and multi legged intersections.

Posted by Self-Banished on Oct. 03 2017,4:14 pm
^^ my issue? My issue is that 75% of the idiots on the road do not know how to merge, yield or just generally how to drive. Far too confusing for most of the idiots on the road.
Posted by was1 on Oct. 03 2017,5:06 pm
So, its not round abouts its other drivers
Posted by Self-Banished on Oct. 03 2017,5:34 pm
^^ no, it's idiot drivers who do not know how to use a roundabout.
Posted by Glad I Left on Oct. 06 2017,5:56 am
Mankato is fast becoming roundabout heaven!
Personally I love them, but I don't like the idiots that can't figure them out.  They're not really that hard, I don't get the confusion.  It is getting better, but you still run into them.
I know truck drivers aren't usually big fans of them, and I can understand why..

Posted by Expatriate on Oct. 06 2017,7:21 am
I'm no fan of roundabouts, they're not blue zone material, I'd hate to try to navigate one on a bicycle or walking.

I try to avoid them when in Mankato,  and the one on HWY 14 in front of Menards as you enter New Ulm from the west is dangerous.

Posted by hymiebravo on Oct. 12 2017,9:10 am
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