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started by: Self-Banished

Posted by Self-Banished on Dec. 06 2017,5:38 am
Gov Walker of Wis is trying to push this through.

Let's hope it works this time :D

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Posted by Expatriate on Dec. 06 2017,5:56 am
the largest employer in Wisconsin is Walmart...their economy is soft
Harley Davidson is in the dumps..they've got a few breweries going but otherwise things are bleak, many of their jobs went to Mexico..Foxconn hasn't materialized yet and if they do wage and benefits are questionable. And the cost to the taxpayer seems excessive, these corporations are worse than sports franchises for bleeding the taxpayer...      

seriously, what's it cost to test all these people and what good would it do...what do you cut food and shelter to a Mother with children?

I'm sure you have a number of alcoholics or druggies on some form of assistance..these people are unemployable usually it's not only the substance abuse but some underlying mental issue.

It costs more to imprison or treat these folks, and if you get enough of them on the street we might see the American Spring...

the Let them eat cake attitude has taken out more then one great nation...

Posted by Self-Banished on Dec. 06 2017,7:36 am
^^ The old adage goes...

Don’t feed ‘em
Don’t pet ‘em
They’ll go away

A person gets hungry enough or sick of living in a refrigerator box they’ll get motivated.

Also, Harley is in the dumps because it’s a crap bike💩

Posted by was1 on Dec. 06 2017,8:28 am
If a mother is getting public assistance, and she is a user, her kids need to go into foster care for their safety.  

If you are getting public assistance you should not be a drug user.  if you are, you assistance goes away and turns into something to help you with your problem.

Also, if you are on public assistance, you should not be allowed to have cable tv, fancy phones with unlimited data plans, etc.  

If you are on public assistance you need to be proving you are working on making yourself better, working towards getting a job.  And any job.  I don't care how low paying it may be, but you should be doing something.  I'm even for continuing your assistance as long as you are doing something to contribute to society.  

I would even say going around and picking up garbage, cleaning parks, etc. would be good enough.  Sadly that would just turn into people getting "hurt" and then suing and/or go on disability forever.  

Everyone needs to stop looking for handouts and only be getting hand-ups to help them get on track.

Posted by Self-Banished on Dec. 06 2017,8:37 am
^* well put👍
Posted by Expatriate on Dec. 06 2017,8:43 am
Under the plan, childless FoodShare participants who fail a drug test would be eligible for state-funded rehabilitation treatment

Walker must own interests in treatment centers...this program will cost the Taxpayer...the only way treatment works is if the participant wants to get clean...

Posted by Self-Banished on Dec. 06 2017,10:43 am
^^ under my plan a recipient that tested positive would get a grey hound ticket to California, kids and all.

Problem solved😀

Posted by was1 on Dec. 06 2017,11:15 am
when they need help, they need help.  continuing to give the PA sans treatment does no one any good.

Yes, if they don't want to stop treatment wont work.  Then, they get 2 options: 1) get treatment, get clean and stay that way, or 2) you get no PA.

Posted by Self-Banished on Dec. 06 2017,3:21 pm
^^ so how many chances do these dead beats get?
Posted by was1 on Dec. 07 2017,7:42 am
First, just because someone has a substance abuse problem does not make them a deadbeat.  

How many chances?  Though question, as even those who what to stop can take many times through different rehab programs before they find one that works.  Maybe there is not a set number of chances, but it is determined based on the individual and their willingness to try and to get better.

Posted by Self-Banished on Dec. 07 2017,8:01 am
^^ my California idea is looking better and better👍
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