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Topic: Full time Fire Department
started by: Liberal

Posted by Liberal on Sep. 29 2017,1:58 am
Considering Mayo's and Hy-vee's decisions, how important is a "full time" fire department?

We should probably build a multimillion dollar fire department to figure that out.

Posted by Expatriate on Oct. 02 2017,5:27 am
First, I'm not in favor of building a new Fire Station.

As to an all volunteer fire department vs full time question.

This spring I was a first responder at a medical situation of a neighbor, the situation required emergency hospitalization and surgery.
I called for an ambulance to my surprise fire and rescue arrived with two well trained firemen well ahead of the ambulance crew.

If we had an all volunteer fire department we wouldn't see this kind of response time or the well trained staff.

Time is of the essence in both life saving and fire control.

Knowing those fine folks at the insurance companies, if Albert Lea went to an all volunteer fire department our house insurance premiums would substantially increase and offset any tax dollar savings.

Posted by Self-Banished on Oct. 02 2017,6:46 am
^^ But Floyd, didn't Mayberry have a volunteer fire department?
Posted by was1 on Oct. 02 2017,12:30 pm
Good point on the insurance rates.  Would love to see some real #'s on that.  What does the Fire Department currently cost all the tax payers, and what would the increase in insurance rates cost everyone.  

However, neither cost really matters for anyone who ever needs those services.  

Also not in favor of a new fire hall.  I have not seen or heard any solid reason for one.  Order a truck that fits your current garage.  And, I don't feel they need a full "gym" on site.  

When is everyone going to realize that Albert Lea will never compete with the likes of Austin?  Having Hormel there sways a lot.  I also think attitude has a lot to do with it.  AL has had a terrible attitude for decades.  That is a lot to over come.

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