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Topic: The Donald vs Lil Kim
started by: TheTruth

Posted by TheTruth on Apr. 12 2017,1:26 pm
Will President Trump take action against Lil Kim?
Posted by Self-Banished on Apr. 12 2017,2:12 pm
Trump is ready to lay the smack down on lil' Kimmy. Now it's just a matter of China pulling the little dog's chain.
Posted by Expatriate on Apr. 13 2017,10:06 am
So now we have Donald flip flopping on his I'm not the world's policeman statement. Trump who himself has stated he would break the Non-Proliferation Treaty or NPT by expansion of our arsenal, is now unilaterally threatening North Korea to enforce what is essentially a United Nations treaty, Trump had no use for the United Nations or NATO until his campaign ties to Russian Oligarchs started unraveling.

North Korea withdrew from the NPT in 2003 which puts them in the same boat as India, Israel, Pakistan and South Sudan and whatever other country that has a secret nuclear program..

If we're comparing who's crazier and more dangerous between Kim Jong-un and Trump, Trump wins hands down..I say we put Trump and Jong-un in the Ring, let them duke it out..Trump's definitely got the weight advantage.

I'm not ready to send my son to die in Korea to defend Trump's unilateral war, this man is a coward who evaded the Draft when his Nation called on him..

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Posted by Self-Banished on Apr. 14 2017,4:29 am
Boom :rofl:

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Posted by Expatriate on Apr. 14 2017,7:26 am
Posted by Self-Banished on Apr. 14 2017,7:37 am
^^ yes, much better than having some pantywaist encouraging the terrorist or some stroke victim selling off assets or having some stupid button to push. :thumbsup:
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