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Topic: Kids inappropriately behaving online gaming
started by: Chunk_Ofgold

Posted by Chunk_Ofgold on Aug. 30 2014,6:23 pm

Where does a guy begin? :O

Obviously English.

Posted by Liberal on Aug. 30 2014,10:51 pm
I used to start the game and mute everyone, now I leave their mics on because I hear so many funny conversations. The ones that really crack me up is the young guy with a girlfriend complaining that all he ever does is play call of duty.

I am surprised at the number of young kids saying unbelievably racist things to black players, and Mexicans here in the US. I used to play a game that was more popular in Europe and over there adults seem to abuse Portugese, and Pakastanis with racist remarks more than kids, but it's not nearly as vile as what American kids say.

Posted by This is my real name on Aug. 31 2014,7:51 am
Anonymity brings out the Internet Tough Guy in far too many people.
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