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Topic: Oops!
started by: Self-Banished

Posted by Self-Banished on Jan. 13 2018,2:43 pm
Apparently there was a false missile alert for Hawaii. The way some of the “chicken Littles” around here react I take it as my duty to tell them “all is well”
Posted by Expatriate on Jan. 14 2018,6:39 am
^^And where was YOUR fearless leader—on a golf course his usual habitat.
It's hardly a laughing matter, the probability of global catastrophe is very high, whether accidental or provoked by an unstable warmonger like

Posted by Self-Banished on Jan. 14 2018,7:26 am
^^ and who contributed mightily to N Korea's nuclear capability? Our President is just tasked with cleaning up the mess left by prior administrations, Buster, Bush, Clinton.

So, did you hide in the closet? You can come out now :blush:

Posted by Botto 82 on Jan. 14 2018,10:38 am
My Pet Goat, Part II.  :rofl:
Posted by Self-Banished on Jan. 14 2018,12:18 pm
^^Wow, you really are on the warpath. :D
1:09 alarm sounded, probably followed by 4-5 min of pant shitting.
1:19 declared false, most likely by that time words getting to our President and company on the golf course. Hey, it's Saturday, he needs some exercise to keep in that wonderful health the examining physician said he is in👍

It takes time to get places, especially if you're with a large security detail and I'm sure there were communications working both ways.

This is just the start, that other problem Buster left like a dog turd on the sidewalk, Iran? Is festering too.

You and tin foil just hate having our legally elected President there.

It is kinda fun reading the bullshit you two come up with though. :rofl:

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