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started by: Self-Banished

Posted by Self-Banished on Aug. 02 2017,9:39 am
So here we have the end result of socialism, that great system that starts out as being fair to all and government knows best.

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Looks as if Maduro will become dictator and any opposition leader will be arrested. This is what happens when you use the best intentions. This is what happens when governments get too big. This is what's happening to a beautiful country with massive natural resources.

I'll bet Bernie's proud.

Posted by was1 on Aug. 02 2017,12:51 pm


Sure seems like we are headed that way here now.  At least that is what some are working towards.

Posted by Self-Banished on Aug. 02 2017,8:36 pm
^^ care to expand on that prediction?
Posted by was1 on Aug. 03 2017,11:48 am
The constant lying.  The push of "alternative facts".  All ways to try and get "followers" to not question him.  

Bad mouthing of the press and claiming anything at all negative about him is "fake news".

Much of what is happening is authoritarian.

He is not running one of his companies where whatever he says is how it will be, and he, and others are trying to make it be more that way.

Inserting his family in the government.

Surrounding himself with "yes" men.

Posted by Self-Banished on Aug. 03 2017,12:09 pm
Ah! So we're talking about the President, not the prior one who threatened he had a phone and a pen to get his agenda through, not that authoritarian,I see. The present President who's relaxed some 800 regulations so business could operate more freely which has as of this moment propelled the DOW past the 22K mark and over 4 trillion in value. The President we're dealing with now, the one who wants new immigrants to speak English, have job skills that would contribute to the betterment of this country and not immediately go on welfare when they got here.

I thought this thread was about Venezuela and socialism. :blush:

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