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Topic: Dump Trump
started by: hymiebravo

Posted by hymiebravo on May 18 2017,2:47 pm
There's a rhyming slogan for you. Anything to get the people chanting in mob like fashion right?

You know like. . . "Lock her up"

He sure is testing the American system it seems.

Posted by Self-Banished on May 18 2017,5:05 pm
Hymen! You're back again!

Day room privileges restored :thumbsup:

Posted by hymiebravo on May 20 2017,11:09 am
Son clever retorts have never been your strong suit.

I see they still aren't.

Posted by hymiebravo on May 20 2017,11:10 am
Dunk Trunk! Dunk Trunk!
Posted by hymiebravo on May 20 2017,12:09 pm
I'm learning a lot from this Trump deal.

Looks like it's easy to infiltrate the highest office in the land.

By the time all the posturing committees get to anything it'll be too late.

Even if he gets kicked out he will still have been privy to the nations security has he not?

Also it is showing me that all the talk about some so called experienced business person makes good presidential material. Isn't necessarily true.

Not that I would consider Trump a great business person. Just the fact that he wanted to be president tells me he's suspect as  human being period. If you go by him claiming to be a great business person. Why doesn't Warren Buffet run?

His rise to wealth seems exponentially greater than anything Trump ever did.

Also fascinating - Is how the so called conservatives always want wholesome candidates and deplore all things Hollywood.

Yet you have another TV star president.

Who is a known philander.

I see The Turd saying the Polish girl who wanted to be famous was young and could have bean Clinton's daughter.

Trump is old enough to be his Eastern bloc wife's dad.

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