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Topic: Fountain Industry Leaving
started by: Chamber Maid

Posted by Chamber Maid on Mar. 18 2017,4:10 pm
So sad to see Fountain Industries leaving

Found a newspaper article where Dan Dorman ( our Economic Development guy a few years ago says higher unemployment is no sign of concern) see below

Albert Lea sees bump in unemployment rate
Published 9:41am Thursday, July 28, 2011

According to new numbers released Tuesday by the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, Albert Lea’s unemployment rate increased from 7.1 percent in May to 8.1 percent in June.
But Dan Dorman, executive director with the Albert Lea Economic Development Agency, said he doesn’t see this as a sign for concern; in fact, it could be just the opposite.

Is the  Dorman Doctrine is still being followed?

Say it ain't so

Posted by Self-Banished on Mar. 18 2017,7:24 pm
Where are they going?
Posted by Chamber Maid on Mar. 18 2017,7:33 pm
According to a press release on Wednesday, Fountain Industries LLC will move its manufacturing and offices to a new, 48,000-square foot manufacturing, office and warehouse facility in Shakopee.

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Posted by Self-Banished on Mar. 19 2017,6:53 am
Shalopee has been attracting a lot of businesses big and small over the last ten or so years. Amazon, Brewers Group, Cyber Power and a parade of others.

Shows what a city can do when they make themselves into an attractive destination.

Posted by Chamber Maid on Mar. 21 2017,6:30 pm
500 new jobs coming to Shakopee as ADC site gets new tenant

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I heard they built
A new Courthouse
A new jail
A new school
A new bike trail on a four lane
Reduced downtown parking
Put in many coffee shops
Bought an old bank building
Added new street lites
and are dredging the river.

Posted by Chamber Maid on May 04 2017,8:49 am
Fountain Industries 50 plus jobs lost last month!!!
Streaters  70 jobs lost last week!!!
Tribune lays off all carriers this week.

Huge wage increase for city manager in paper today!!!!!
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Who is fiddling while Rome burns????? :violin:

Posted by was1 on May 04 2017,12:15 pm
does not seem like the greatest track record to deserve that.

Add to that the city garage redo and cost associated with that.  All those lost jobs will not pay for the garage project, or other projects.

Was not too keen on some of the praises by council/mayor.  considering the history.

Posted by ALAngst on May 04 2017,1:34 pm
Especially since this city manager was censured by the council for his behavior, only to have the very same Rasmussen remove it from his file a couple of months later.
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