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The Heat
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U.S. rightfully owns its lands

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Why Does Rhonda Moen Get to Steal?
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Google Time capsule
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News Corpse Arrests, convictions and resignations
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Man gets 120 days for Counterfeiting
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Outlook mail stopped working
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Hair today, gone tomorrow
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toy store
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Jane Fonda Claims QVC Cancelled
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Republicans Eating Their Own :)
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Jokes Part 2
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State Goverment Shutdown
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Paying Alliant

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State aid to cities figures to be flat
No civic center aid for Mankato in bonding bill
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Chainers sentenced to one year in jail
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Wis. man sentenced to life in prison for Albert Lea grad’s murder
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U.S. rightfully owns its lands
Posted on: Jul. 22 2011,11:17 am by Stone-Magnon

U.S. rightfully owns its lands
Published 8:35am Friday, July 22, 2011
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This letter is a response to Rudy Spieker’s ridiculous letter of July 17 concerning U.S. Mexican borders and land.

The United States has purchased, and in some cases, won vast expanses of land masses during the formation of this country — sea to shining sea. Our history is full of such expansions and complicated treaties. Not knowing all the facts or reasons of some land mass exchanges does not negate history.

There are some people living in this great nation who continually find fault and condemnation for America’s history. Mr. Spieker seems to be one of them.

Let’s look at the expanding America, a look through a patriot’s eyes and the 1800s’ money values (today values equal times 30).

Louisiana Purchase, 1803, from France, 828,800 square miles, $15 million, Mississippi River to the Rockies.

Mr. Spieker, do you feel that the U.S. stole this land, and France still has a claim to it now?

Transcontinental Treaty, 1819, purchased Florida from Spain, 58,560 square miles for $5 million to satisfy U.S. citizens’ claims against Spain. This signing extended the border with Spanish Mexico (opposed to French Mexico) all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Should we now let them have it back?

Mexican War of Independnce with Spain and France, 1810-1821. Mexico declared ownership of all Spanish lands.

Texas Revolution, 1836. Republic of Texas declared independence from Mexico because of many greivances and persecutions.

Mexican-American War, 1846-1848 (only 25 years after Mexico won independence from Spain and France). The United States won the war but gave northern Mexico and Mexico City back to Mexico. The U.S. did not want Mexico. Mexico (Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo) then accepted the Rio Grande River as the border.

This Mexican Cession gave the U.S. upper California and New Mexico for $18 million, plus payment of debts owed by Mexico.

The U.S. paid $15 million for 525,000 square miles of some of the most God-forsaken land, becoming part or all of 10 states. Plus, the U.S. paid $3.25 million in Mexico’s debt for 389,166 square miles in Texas. Mr. Spieker, how about giving California back to Mexico — and keep Texas?

Gadsden Purchase with Mexico, 1853. The U.S. paid $10 million for lower parts of Arizona and New Mexico for a transcontential railroad right-of-way. How devious of the United States?

Alaska Purchase, 1867. The U.S. purchased 586,412 square miles from Russia for $7.2 million. What a steal! What do you say, Mr. Spieker? Did we steal such a great treasure? Should we give it back to Russia?

I don’t think so. Mexico, nor any country, has any claim on United States lands. Regardless of what Mr. Spieker says. The United States is the legal and rightful owner, regardless of the garbage that the pro-illegal immigration lobby puts out and regardless of what the illegal aliens want you to believe.

Get over it.

Robert L. King


So, when the country is a majority Hispanic they'll get to keep it Bob?

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Google Time capsule
Posted on: Jul. 21 2011,5:15 pm by Stone-Magnon

I like this because it's a time capsule that catches the current trend. This will look very different to us in 10 years, but it is today no doubt.

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Hair today, gone tomorrow
Posted on: Jul. 21 2011,4:53 pm by Stone-Magnon

Really? Looks more like

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